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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 8, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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right now on fox 29 doppler radar shows a powerful winter storm that will impact most of our area and it could be another tough monday morning commute. good evening, i'm iain page. >> that happens over and over again. i'm lucy noland. that winter storm advisory is in effect. lets get to fox 29 meteorologist kate the lynn ross caitlin. >> here we are third sunday in a row we have been talk big a winter storm but each week these storms have been trending further are northward and right now we've got bulk of the precipitation falling in upstate new york new england all the way up through maine where heavy snow is and will stay. all the way down here in little old philadelphia, we will in the see much but we will see much to cause some impact on the roadway across our area it is dry outside right now. the we are coming off a
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beautiful february afternoon where we hit 50 degrees. the that being said, where the the snow is is along a arctic front that will flip southward and bring some conditions, some conditions to our area, mainly north and west of the city. winter weather advisory from 6:00 a.m. monday through 6:00 a.m. tuesday, all of the northwestern suburbs exceptions along i the five including philadelphia and delaware county. the south jersey and delaware not seeing much, maybe a little bit of rain out of this let's recap today. what a beautiful afternoon. fifty-one in philadelphia we made it to 61 in millville, new jersey. fifty-eight in atlantic city. fifty-seven in dover. there the was a huge disparities where clouds hung and cold air from the front seeped in it was only in the upper 30's. you can track that with the 50's and 60's right in the middle here with philadelphia 43 in philadelphia. thirty-eight in pottstown. forty-five wilmington. forty-four in millville. your fox future cast as we go through tonight, so most of the rain and snow far off toward our north but as we get toward day break, just a few showers will slip in the lehigh valley and poconos and
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pink color indicates where it could be some freezing rain mixing with rain and sleet. the isis not out of the question on untreated surfaces. everything does look fairly light through the the overnight and early tomorrow morning. through the rest of the day, snow showers, we will see mainly north and west, which could get an inch or two of snow up towards the lehigh valley. for tonight 35 degrees in the city, it is just cloudy here in philadelphia the showers arrive late north and west. then those rain showers will mix with some freezing rain and sleet at times we may see a shower or two here in philadelphia but bulk where that advisory is standing. 37 degrees for the high temperature. we will have much more on impacts from the storm and return of the very cold weather all still ahead in your seven day forecast, lucy and iain. >> see you then. to a developing story in montgomery county police department has cleared several office's accused of racial profiling will but some lower merion residents say this conversation is not over just yet. a meeting in ardmore on that very subject just wrapped up. fox 29's, dave kinchin was there live in ardmore tonight what happened tonight dave.
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this was a standing room only meeting between resident and lower merion township police department. they were talking about two incidents in which african-american men were stopped while they were shoveling, and one accused the police have racially profiling these people. lets the go to video from inside the meeting of thard more palm senior center this afternoon. meeting consisted of mostly african americans lashing out about their own undon'ter of police after learning two groups of black men were stopped going door to door shoveling back on january 27th allegedly forced to sit in the snow, while will police check them out and ran their information. a witness alleged that it was racial profiling and posted to it a community blog. police launched an investigation but police say that the men were only stopped for going door to door soliciting without a permit. the black residents say it brings a harsh reality for them. >> you need to understand what we as black males go through in this community and
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communities all over. >> we have had endless snow shovelers over years, and no one was ever stopped, so i was never stopped. i did it a lot when i was in high school and college. i would have obviously stuck out. >> reporter: those that were stopped, were only those canvassing and soliciting and they were adults. >> reporter: police say one of the men stopped, had a warrant against them, another had a possible warrant, so police say it took time to sort out those incidents but they say that the men shook hand with the officers and went on their way, no citations were issued. as you just said the officers were cleared of wrongdoing in this matter. back to you guys in the studio. >> dave, thank you. a false alarm in montgomery county suspected case of measles is not measles after all according to the county health department today. a 15 year-old boy had been in isolation since friday, after a doctor suspect he might have measles. well today, health officials say he does not have the virus but has in the said what is
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making him sick. right now health department says there are no measles cases in montgomery county. police are investigating a home invasion in northeast philadelphia fox 29's sabina kuriakose explains why officers believed social media posts put a local teen in serious danger. >> you have to be worried. i'm off to see if he is okay. i am a little worried. >> reporter: anxious friend and family checking on the the victims of the early morning home invasion along dana avenue at brookshire trace apartments in northeast philadelphia. >> it was somebody on his knee with his hand behind his back and here they got guy with a gun. >> reporter: busted window and three tossed out cell phones mark the escape route of three armed gunmen who police say kicked in the door of this home just after 2:30 sunday morning. police say that the masked men asked for rolex watches and jewelry that they saw pictured on one of the victim's social media accounts. the investigators say the gun man saw the post on instagram they stole a rolex and two
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gold chains who are smashing their way through that back window. fortunately, the five teenage victims inside, all between 17 and 19 years old, were all okay. >> i heard a bang. when the the neighbor jerry canti looked out window he could not believe what he witnessed. >> is that a guy with the gun? he undid the shell casing and he dropped the bullet on the ground. >> it is frightening, it really is. it is too close to home, you know. >> reporter: suspects took the victim's cell phone but not before one managed to call police from the bathroom. detectives found two handguns at the scene. tonight the manhunt continues, for the the social media using suspects. >> you just don't give information like that on the internet. >> reporter: neighbors here are shaken up telling us it is a terrible way for young victims to realize you may never know who is watching. >> it is just ridiculous people put on facebook and
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everything, you know, just looking for trouble actually. people must have scanned it to find out, you you know,. >> reporter: sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. another home invasion also in northeast philadelphia overnight this one happened just before 1:00 a.m. in the 6,000 block of edmonds street in tacony. a man with the gun got away with more than $5,000. north carolina basketball coaching great dean smith has passed away. the hall of fame coach died at his home last night. smith coached tar heels from 1961 to 1997. he went to 11 final four's, won two ncaa players and coached michael jordan and james worthy. dean smith was 83 years of age. president obama releasing a statement praising smith for his work on and off the court. he says in part, dean smith pushed forward the civil rights movement recruiting the first black scholarship athlete to north the carolina and helping integrate a restaurant in a neighborhood in chapel hill.
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in his final years, coach smith showed us how to fight an illness with courage and dignity and for all of that i could not have have been more proud to honor coach smith with the medal of freedom in 2013. police say they are still trying to figure out why a teenager opened fire inside a shopping in all in western pennsylvania last night. now this happened just outside pittsburgh. bullet hit three people and panicked shoppers ran for their lives. fox 29's brad satan is in the news room. brad, police say the gun man just started firing in the crowd. >> reporter: can you imagine? scary moments for sure. police are saying it the a appears this guy did have a target but a married couple who happened to be in the wrong place at the the wrong time were also hit. as you can imagine, it sent everyone else into a mad panic. >> people were scattering about, screaming. >> chaos in the lower levels of the macy's in the monroeville mall 10 miles east of pittsburgh last night. police say around 7:30 a teenager started shooting hitting his intended target with a husband and wife who happened to be walking by with
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their son. >> officers responded immediately, and came, to the scene and had three victims that had been injured, by gunshot wound. >> reporter: it sent panic shoppers fleeing. >> shots rang out, people started running and i just ran with the store employees to the back of the room. >> reporter: yes. >> all of the sudden we heard people screaming and then next thing you see is a bunch of people, teenagers scared to death just exodus in mass in a way you cannot believe. >> reporter: they were able to match surveillance video with the picture of the suspect on instagram to arrest 17 year-old tarod thornhill pick up north of pittsburgh. court documents say thornhill began arguing with the 20 year-old man in the mall and just as that married couple and their son innocently walk between them thornhill began firing indiscriminately. intended victim is in critical condition, his wife is in fair condition. >> the children were playing in the playground?
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why should children have to be subjected to this craziness at the mall. >> reporter: that teenager tonight is facing a slew of charges including attempted homicide. the the mall by the way has been seen of trouble in the past just back in december, hundreds of teenager gathered there leading to a bunch of fights breaking out which at the the time led to some tighter security and today a new policy was put in place that anyone under 18 years of age has to be a accompanied by parent or guardian on friday and saturday night, iain. >> thank you. a federal appeals court issued a ruling that could derail atlantic city's revel casino. back when revel was being beld the boardwalk company invested 16 million-dollar for a prom that is it could run the h2 nightclub for 25 years. but revel, of course, went bankrupt and closed a little more than two years. so now a florida developer wants to buy revel without any obligation toss idea boardwalk or the night club. idea says it wants to protect its investment and an appeals court just ruled that idea a
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cannot be stripped of the rights until it appeal is heard. that florida developer says he made drop his bid if he cannot proceed on his own terms. that power ball jackpot continues to grow. >> i know nobody won last night. i actually bought a ticket for the first time in year. >> really. >> yeah. i'm sitting here so, no, nobody won. jackpot for wednesday's drawing grow toss 450 million wonderful, dollars. of course, you may have won some of the numbers so winning numbers for last night are you ready for this, five ten, 21 34, 58 that power ball by the way is 33. good luck to you. still ahead on fox 29, would you expose your child to measles on purpose? now believe it or not, some parents are doing that exact thing. >> measles parties are adding a whole new dimension to the vaccine debate. the controversial gathering that are making some folks furious. bruce jenner involved in the deadly accident why police may ask him to hand over his cell phone, hi, hour.
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>> hello hello, flyers won a game but lost maybe their most important player and it could be for a while. that and free agent signing could hurt phillies a attempts at trade from their
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los angeles authorities will probably ask owe limb pick gold medalist and kardashian family patriarch bruce general tore hand over his cell phone to figure out if he was texting during a deadly car crash. jenner was behind wheel of the suv that was involve in the multi vehicle crash in malibu
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today and killed a with man. jenner is the not being singled out. police say they have ask for everyone's phones. daughter of the late whitney houston is still clinging to life in an atlanta hospital and in the meantime investigators, looking at exactly what happened to her. bobby christine had has been in the hospital, since they found her face down in the bathtub last weekend. law enforcement sources say she has injuries that need an explanation and they are looking into a possible altercation between bobbi kristina, and her boyfriend nick gordon, more than an hour before her friend found her in the bathtub. brian williams will not be anchoring nbc night thely news tomorrow night and memo was sent to staff this weekend. williams said as managing editor he was taking himself off the broadcast for self days because he has become too many a part of the news. you might remember on wednesday, williams a will guys forward claiming he was on a helicopter hit by rocket propelled grenade in iraq in
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2003. well, in fact he was on a different helicopter. in the memo williams indicated he will be back on the air but nbc is not commenting on his future. the the debate over whether williams should keep his job is a hot topic on social media this morning on fox 29 morning news we spoke to temple university journalism professor chris harper who work for abc news and newsweek and he says he believes williams should go. >> what we have here is a boldface lie, whether it is intentional or unintentional brian williams clearly didn't make a mistake. he continued to embellish the story and i think that what we have right now is a disinn again with us apology by him. gets just don't get misremembered. i can remember in great details six times, on the side covering, for newsweek end and abc news. >> professor harp are says there are groups deeply
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offended by the situation and that williams owes them an apology. >> the military community and veterans are very upset with this because it is almost a question of stolen valor, it doesn't quite make it to that level but it is essentially trying to get, work credibility, street credibility by this embellish. and he owes a significant apology, which is, you know which is pretty short and sweet, i lied, i'm sorry. >> lester holt will be filling in for williams on the nightly news. fashion model and actress who appeared on the cosby show is latest in the string of woman to accuse bill cosby of making unwanted sexual advances. helen gumbell said cosby made lewd gestures on the set of the show. cosby has canceled tonight's stand up performances in boston. the will burr theater announced it this afternoon, offering ticket refund. theater apologized for at abrupt change and did in the the say why the shows are
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canceled. protesters had been expected to rail outside the theater. the 77 year-old entertainer faces sexual assault allegations for at least 16 women with some of those claims dating back did he go cade. he denied the allegations and prosecutors have never charged him with the crime. students, at a missouri high school are using murder of one of their classmates as motivation to try to change the world. >> fifteen year-old boy was killed in an attack outside the somalia gas station in kansas city and tonight his classmates are sending a message that hate will in the be tolerated. here's fox's megan dillard. >> family high school lost one of the own students to the hate crime last year and follow thanks could pitch together said that planning the walk just helps them mourn his loss. you can see they have put effort in the planning an example would be these signs hanging from the ceiling each one, representing someone who has died as a victim of a hate crime. news of the hate crime that killed the the high school student adam hussein last year rocked this student body.
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so much so the the kid started a campaign, not the just to honor the the teens. >> we are trying to change the world we live in now. >> reporter: that is right they want to change the world enough is enough they say, bullying violence, passing judgment, hate crimes, all of it, they want it to stop. >> we're going to raise money to raise awareness against hate crimes and all of the students jumped on board. >> reporter: then it grew beyond the walls. >> we are looking for the whole school, people realize it the is our school but then kept getting bigger and bigger. >> reporter: hundreds of people walk through high school, that students from this school and others helped put together. >> i don't know if i a had a word to really describe what they have done. it is, i think it is extraordinary what they have done. >> reporter: idea started with students in an english language learner's class meaning ideas sprung from some of the most diverse groups in the school. >> my son was good friend with the gentlemen that was killed
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last year and he is very passionate about these issues. >> reporter: a passion shared by those who knew him, those who didn't and those who want change. >> positive, it is just a blessing. >> another part of this peace walk these tables here each one a group in the community that also wanted to be a part of this message of peace remember, this all started with 13 students who said enough is enough. >> always start that way and then goes from there. >> that is right. still ahead a man calls 911 a hundred times in a month and you will in the believe why he told police he did it. >> i have a couple guesses. have you heard about the 4-pound new born? it is making history. look at him. he is like six months old, all cute and chubby. hear from the real hero of this story his mom who gave birth naturally. >> god bless her good that is coming up next. and he has been one high school basketball team's
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biggest fan for years, always court side offering support, wait until you see what happens when they gave him a chance to play.
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this weekend people across california a's bay area assessing the damage and cleaning up from a major storm. heavy rain high wind knocked out power and down trees there was even major damage to
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some homes. thankfully no one was hurt. georgia neighborhood is reeling tonight after a shooting that left five people dead and two injured. investigators new believe ex-husband of the woman who lives in this home with her children parked down the street yesterday afternoon. they say he walk to the home and just started shooting killing his ex-wife a man, and two children before turning the the gun on himself. neighbors are just stunned and heart broken. >> you still have to protect your children, and you don't need to kill them. you have to move on, you know. no need to shoot nobody. >> police say he shot two other children as well and they are both in critical but stable condition. investigators are trying to figure out a motive at this point. an attack on the u.s. coastguard station in michigan has authorities calling it domestic terrorism. a man crashed his pick up through gates of the station and assaulted members of the guard. the authorities say the man
6:26 pm
had a bomb in his truck and threat tone use it n1 seriously hurt. authorities are now looking into whether he acted a alone. you ever wonder what dialing 911 more than hundred times a month might get you. >> no eye tea. >> a trip to the big house this just happened in michigan. not the that big house but police say man who dit confessed he was drunk and bored when he made those calls. officers say they never said anything on the phone but escalated things but, breathing heavily. in word yet on the charges. >> i have heard about that lonely people so sad. still a ahead on fox 29 you may have already seen his picture, a 14-pound new born making headlines. you will hear from the would man who gave birth next. caitlin? >> thanks, lucy. we have winter storms in the north. that will spin into rain and snow showers in the parts of the area tomorrow morning. what you need to know about
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this new born is making an international headlines he weighed in at 14-pound, 1 ounce at birth, avery is
6:30 pm
believed to be the biggest baby ever born in florida. this would have been -- >> yeah, right. >> this story gets even more a a nation. avery's mom said she had no idea, that she was pregnant until she was 35 weeks. >> that is hard to believe but fox's kerry was there and she talk about this now famous birth. >> i loved it. >> call it the surprise of a lifetime. >> what? >> sandra ford give birth to one of the biggest babe is in florida history. >> i said what. >> 14-pound, 1 ounce. >> 14 pounds, are you sure. >> reporter: baby avery is a big vice in more ways than one. he is finally coming home after a wild week at st. joseph's women hospital in tampa. >> so every time people asked me how big was your babe. 14-pound. so you had a c-section right? no, i didn't have a c-section. >> no, that is right, ford, who is a nurse across the street at saint joe's gave birth naturally but wait this
6:31 pm
story gets even more amazing, she says that she didn't even know she was pregnant until her third trimester, 35 weeks in. >> no, nausea, vomiting, i didn't gain any weight, i was working. >> reporter: scratching your head yet? so is avery's father allen denson. >> i was shock. i thought she was just playing. >> reporter: are couple found out on november january 29th, outcomes baby avery after an 18 hour labor. mom says that they were expecting a 10-pound baby. >> i felt his head coming out, i knew he was bigger than 10 pounds. >> i know. >> reporter: care takers at saint guess say avery is doing well, a happy, healthy boy and he eats a lot. about double the amount, of a normal child. >> unaudible. >> reporter: kerry, "fox news". probably end up being under wait, you know.
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>> oh, my brother. >> by the time they figure he was 10-pound it was too late for c-section. she said it was tough. and there were all kind of things flying out of her mouth which was understandable. >> she survived. >> my goodness. >> i know. >> we hit 50 degrees. >> we did. >> can we believe it. >> i cannot believe that. >> and maybe things will change. >> and then we will pay for it. >> i know, so it was nice to see this weekend and yesterday was in the 40's. fifty-one today. nice break before the next winter storm. it is not our winter storm, it is another one bringing a a foot of snow in massachusetts, again, the third week in a a row there but here we will see some impact from his that. here's ultimate doppler showing you that radar has already laid the groundwork for where heavy snows will be this is a long arctic front that is moving slowly from north to south but that precipitation setting up
6:33 pm
parallel moving west to east across western new york central new york into all of new england this has boston's name on it again as well as many parts in the northern part of the northeast. for us southern part of the northeast or the atlantic. we will see some impact from the storm, some of the showers overnight but otherwise, it is a mess. we are in the seeing anything right now, rain showers by scranton. it is not until late areas north and west will see rain showers and dawn here in philadelphia we could see rain showers mixing with sleet and freezing rain. winter weather advisory for south east pennsylvania extended on include philadelphia and i-95. better safe than sorry a as well as camden, burlington and ocean counties not talking about snow here tomorrow but impact can come in very different forms, and this one can come in the form of ice. just freezingtories will can cause problems on the untreated surfaces. we hit 51 today. in philadelphia it is 43. we are lock in the with the
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clouds and cold air north and west. the didn't get out of the 30's a. forty a's in south jersey where millville saw 60's believe it or not. check out disparity in temperatures. single digits in burlington, bangor maine, 14 in boston. contrast that to new york, new jersey. forty-seven in baltimore. sixty-three in charlottesville. still 50 in pittsburgh. not hard to see where front is and where cold air is where cold snow will fall a that is front moves through we will see rain and milk showers. the let's time it the out here starting at 11:00 o'clock tonight, cloud around if you have plans and out on the road no problems. by tomorrow morning this looks very spotty. this is one model solution other are painting some showers all across the philadelphia area. temperatures will be above freezing, so this should start as rain as the noon hour, snow falling in the mountains and as it gets slowly colder we can switch over to the mist here in philadelphia and see snow north and west. i do think in the city in the
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too many problems until later on but for untreated surfaces we could see ice. monday night storm wraps up. that advisory will expire into early tuesday morning. snowfall amounts relegated to the mountains and higher elevations. three to six in the poconos and north jersey. that strike of one to three upper bucks, lehigh valley, northeastern tip of montgomery county and back through berks and schuylkill county is what we're talking about through tuesday morning. cloud around with some showers late. thirty-seven for the the low temperature in the city. well above freezing w that 32 in the suburbs that is area we will focus on. when we're back on the air at ten we can find tune that for you too. thirty-seven is it for the the high, it is just one of those days where temperatures stay where they are overnight and colder air comes in that rain to mix and watch for slippery spots in both commutes we are used to it at this point. seven day forecast as we go through the next few days monday off to the messy start, we will dry out by tuesday, in the so bad through rest of the
6:36 pm
week temperatures at least around normal possible snow showers along the front on thursday and arctic front that will knock temperatures down by second half of the week. friday a high of 22. very cold. valentines day it is chilly weather. twenty-nine. whole weekend looks cold. if you are going to take advantage of the going out of town this weekend it doesn't look like travel issues but so cold. >> valentines take you cut it. >> not a lot. >> thanks, caitlin. still a head on fox 29 parents are actually throwing parties so their children can catch measles. >> twist to the vaccine controversy that is making a lot of folks furious. beloved member of the high school basketball team is a huge source of information, we will tell you what happens when he
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it is a thought many people have trouble believing in california some parents are doing all that they can to make sure that their children actually catch the measles. they are having measles parties, where they are unvaccinated children hang out with kids horren affect with potentially deadly virus. these parent say that the
6:40 pm
goal, to help their children become immune to the virus even though these same parents decided not to have kid vaccinated against measles. they are worried about side effects. ctc says measles itself can lead to pneumonia, brain damage deafness and deaf. many public health officials are blaming spread of the current out break on unvaccinated children and for every parent throwing a measles party others feel safe getting the vaccine. >> i mean little kid don't scratch yourself or, just i would rather have them have the vaccination. >> public health officials warn letting your children catch the measles is a horrible idea. the infection can kill them. side effects from the measles vaccine are very mild and most children don't have any issues whatsoever. i find that when i heard about this story i said what. >> bizarre. >> crazy. so, a teen who was once told he would never be able to walk, just helped his high
6:41 pm
school basketball team win the game in air zone. tonight he is a hometown hero. fox's jessica flores has the story. >> reporter: basketball practice at red mountain high school. >> there we go. >> reporter: once again senior kyle johnson is on the side line supporting his team. >> i'm almost a cheerleader and very good supporter because in matter what if people need help i will there been no had matter what. >> reporter: he is the team manager but for these players more like the team spirit. >> have a a tough loss or a bad practice, kyle is the voice of things that went well positive things. >> reporter: keeping positive despite all of the obstacles. kyle was worn with bilateral club feet, then as a young child, doctors diagnosed him with autism. >> he would not be able to walk or run. >> reporter: but kyle defied the odd and when senior night rolled around he thought he would now take a turn on the court.
6:42 pm
>> he said what about me dressing up for the game. i said great idea. >> reporter: kyle's father shot this video, the ball is passed, kyle misses. but tries again but this time he makes the the shot the crowd erupts. >> they told me he was ready for this his whole life. all he wanted was one little will sliver of what the other young men have. >> reporter: kyle not watching from the side line but in the middle of it all, the the team he loves, loving him right back the moment when the basketball manager, became the basketball star. >> i'm so proud that i'm here. i'm here for the first time i have ever been before in my entire life. >> kyle is not only the king of the court on senior night. >> yeah, students voted him home coming king the school year. >> i tear up with these stories. they are so emotional.
6:43 pm
anyhow still a ahead on fox 29, tying a knot on the septa a train we will take to you a very special day next. veteran spent time in iraq starting a new fight here at home every day she struggles to breathe. others. now, americans everywhere are discovering that... spoon after spoon... dish after dish... time, after time, after time again... deliciously creamy galbani ricotta inspires meals, and moments, that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand. now, america's number one ricotta.
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. a big milestone this weekend, the ge m theater in claude is celebrating its, one hundred birthday. over the years theater had has gone through changes. it originally opened in 1915 and was known as the claudia, in the 30's it became is what known as today the gem theater, in addition took a spot for live theater performances, it was used to fill part of the western movie, hud. valentines day is six days away but a few folks boarded the love train in philadelphia a today. >> make this your husband. >> yes. >> this wedding was for good reason the love train on the market frankford septa line. train took riders on the love letter, throughout the city. philadelphia's mural arts program, organized the love train to celebrate, legal
6:47 pm
assayings of same sex marriage in pennsylvania and the fifth anniversary of the love letter project. a veteran from new orleans served our country in iraqis fighting for her life tonight. >> michelle johns, struggles to breathe and she believes it stems from what happened overseas but as fox's katie mccall reports tonight she's finding new hope. >> every day now, when i get up i said lord it is you and me today. help me do it. >> reporter: michelle johnson is a new orleans nurse. >> today i am a case manager for cancer patients. >> reporter: she's now also a patient. >> basically my lung is one big hard scab. >> reporter: she has a disease called pulmonary fibrosis. >> idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is a progressive scarring of the lungs from a cause that we don't necessarily understand or know. >> reporter: doctor scott shane inn says eventually the lungs scar at a degree that
6:48 pm
they become useless. the it is number one reason why people under going lung transplants. >> if you look at andre of somebody with pulmonary fibrosis you can see scarring within the young field. that lead to the patients unable to exchange oxygen. >> reporter: that is preicely what is happening to michelle. >> turf walk around with oxygen all the time. at work i cannot very well have this hundred foot cord, so i have a portable one. >> reporter: remarkably she still goes to work when she attribute toss an agreement she made with god. >> you get the me to the car, i will get to work. so he gets me to the car and i get to work every day. >> reporter: michelle symptoms began in 2004. >> my last deployment unfortunately iraq was in the my favorite. >> reporter: air national guard veteran she returns from iraq and developed what had first was thought to be bronchitis. >> it was almost immediately with the coughing, immediately when i got home.
6:49 pm
it just seemed like i had a bad cough for a long time. >> reporter: three years later she received the diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and even though idiopathic means of a unknown source she believes it was caused by exposure to something in baghdad. >> one doctor said it is a possibility that you may have been exposed to soming when you were on your deployment in the middle east pollutants fan, jet fuel but i necessity when i was there, but when i went there i was fine. when i got back i'm not. >> reporter: her problems do not end there because it is in the just a pair of new lungs that michelle need. >> my hearties now become a problem because of the lungs. so i'm in heart failure now. >> reporter: she also need a heart transplant and that is why two hospitals had to reject her as a patient but a call from houston has change her life.
6:50 pm
>> we have accepted you, and all of your problems and all of your other risks. >> reporter: michelle was accepted in the houston met the difficulties transplant program. it performs 100 lung transplants last year, by volume consistently in the top three in the world performing a record 143 of them in 202. >> it was like a huge weight i mean i just had this relief, tears of joy. >> reporter: she's scheduled for a heart biopsy and if all goes well the next step is finding just the right donor with ip f carries significant challenging. >> this patient might be 6 feet, lung capacity may be somebody 5 feet two or 5-foot three so that makes it more difficult to find a lung for a patient with idaho path pennsylvania i can pulmonary fibrosis. >> reporter: but there is great hope. patient whose survive after the first year have a ten year median life expectancy. >> they can get back to pretty
6:51 pm
normal routine which is a good thing. >> reporter: michelle has in doubt she will be a success story a and she credits just one thing. >> faith faith i feel if i can wake up, if i can stand up, then you you need to take advantage of that. they will come when i'm all a alone and can't move but it ain't here yet. >> wish her all of the best. >> howard is here with a look a at sports. >> some good news and then some bad news, flyers may have lost their best player but for a while which is not good news and it is a reoccurring problem. flyers need wins, lots of wins to even have a chance to make the playoffs. they got a good start on the
6:52 pm
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for flyers to make the playoffs they have to win 75 percent of the games shall not easy but start of the road trip today was a good news but there was bad news. lets go to washington. flyers trying to show muscle. scott won. what is a hockey game without a good fight. you to have a fight. it is like car crashes in auto races. scoreless in the second mark street with the shot, deflect from by brayden schenn. one to nothing flyers. second period weird, mason during a time out, hurts, what i'm's told is his knee. they call it a lower body injury. flyers never tell you. he had to be helped. he will be out a few days. ray emery comes into the the game, he comes in during a power play which is not the easiest thing in the world not when you have alex ovechkin on the other side the shot, the score, one to one. but third period rain simmonds saves it for flyers comes up on the rush, he shoots, scores, flyers go up two-one. the flyers over washington
6:55 pm
caps score three-one. phillies spring training begins in ten days on february 18th but a lot of work ahead of them. they still have a few players they want and need to trade. the longer they wait the longer, weakens their position for a trade. san diego, one of the teams that had interest in cole hamels but that may be gone in the next 24 hours. one of the pitchers on the free agent market is james shield. san diego may be tired of waiting for phillies to work out a tiehl which might border on the ridiculous they want in return. all indications shield will sign with san diego or chicago cubs. either way it could weaken phillies a ability to trade hamels and get the most important film. sadness in sports two legend in sports pass ago way. we have heard earlier about north carolina head coach dean smith. yesterday a golfer who was also a legend, in the era of jack nicholas, arnold palmer, gary player he passed away. billy casper, be in really
6:56 pm
realized how good a player this guy was. within of the all time greats in the game have golf. he passed away yesterday. billy casper with the top golfers. he had 51 career tour wins with three majors. seventh all time on the career wins list. he was one of the real nice guys with the family of 11 children, get this, six of those were adopted children. billy casper was 83 years of age. local college basketball lasalle since a four-o start they have had a brutal season, under 500. today one of those games they needed to win to massachusetts. they needed to win, but it didn't happen lasalle in the yellow right there in the gold yellow, whatever you want to call it, score right there, they were leading earlier. jordan price had 30 but massachusetts was terrific today. terrific against lasalle. the alley hoop, score mass wins it 66-59. when you pay for court side seats you never know what you will get. brooklyn's mason plumberly, they are on the road in the
6:57 pm
verizon center. watch this again comes over they are serving the beer. they served, all of it. you think he could have stopped. he is on the road. you think he could have stopped. >> they had to be six glasses of beard. usually better to drink it. then to have it all over you. >> yes. >> it is supposed to be good for your hair though, howard. >> yes. >> in his lap. >> oh, well. >> thanks, hour. and that is it for our news for this sunday evening we will see you right back here at ten. >> mulaney is up next have have a great night.
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